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Accurately and quickly summarize, translate, rewrite, proofread, explain, and Analyze PDF documents with SwifDoo AI, the top productivity tool for speeding up your workflow.

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How SwifDoo AI Helps You
Chat with PDFs

  • Summarize
  • Translate
  • Explain
  • Rewrite
  • Proofread

Summarize Key Information from Lengthy PDF Documents

Automatically summarize PDFs to extract key topics, ideas, and data. The AI PDF summarizer and reader reduces your time reading documents with lots of text.

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Swiftly Translate PDF Documents in Multiple Languages

Support precise PDF translations between all the most used languages. Compare the documents before and after translating to identify possible gaps and ensure better results.

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Explain Complex Concepts from PDFs in Plain Words

Define and explain specific keywords, text or concepts from a PDF. The AI chatbot enables you to easily understand reports, research materials, educational and other documents.

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Rewrite PDF

Rewrite PDF Files to Optimize the Content

Improve and enhance the writing in a PDF to make the text content more clear, interesting, and concise without altering the original meaning.

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Intelligently Proofread PDF Files to Enhance Writing Quality

Correct grammatical, formatting, writing inconsistencies, and spelling mistakes and errors in PDF files to level up the professionalism.

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Analyze PDF Documents Like a Human🤖

Check the following simple guide to analyze PDF without a hassle.

Upload the PDF File
Open the AI Tool
Start the Intelligent PDF Analysis
  • Upload the PDF File

    Click the Upload button to import your PDF into the SwifDoo PDF;
  • Open the AI Tool

    Click SwifDoo AI to open the PDF analyzer window;
  • Start the Intelligent PDF Analysis

    Click Analyze to begin the analysis process and output a result.

SwifDoo AI Free Plan VS Paid Plan

Get the Free Plan of SwifDoo AI by registration. Check out the comparison chart below to know what benefits from the free and paid plans.

Benefits Free Plan
Free Download
Pro Plan
Buy Now
Summarize PDF
Translate PDF
Explain PDF
Rewrite PDF
Proofread PDF
Questions 10 1,000 / Mon
PDF Files 3 100 / Mon
PDF Size 10 MB / PDF 1 GB / PDF
PDF Pages 10 / PDF 100 / PDF
Pricing $0 $7.9/Mon

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FAQs About SwifDoo AI

  • What are the differences between the Chat PDF and Analyze PDF features?
    Chat PDF allows you to summarize, translate, rewrite, and proofread a PDF while viewing it. It answers any question you have by typing it in the text box. While in the Analyze PDF mode, you can upload a PDF and let the tool analyze the document to extract key points directly.
  • Which platform does SwifDoo AI support?
    Currently, SwifDoo AI is running on the Windows system, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and XP. You can utilize the software on any Windows-based PC or laptop supporting the above systems to summarize PDFs and access the heart of the file in seconds.
  • Is there a limit to the file size or the number of pages?
    Yes, SwifDoo AI enables users to process a PDF with up to 10 MB and 10 pages for free. Subscribers who upgrade to the pro version can handle a PDF with a maximum file size of 1 GB and up to 100 pages.
  • Can I add another PDF document to the Chat PDF text box while reading the current one?
    No, the Chat PDF feature can only deal with an opened PDF file in the PDF reader. To summarize a new PDF when reading the current file, you may need to click “Analyze PDF” and upload it to get a summary. However, if you want to translate, rewrite, or proofread it, it is necessary to open the new PDF first and perform corresponding tasks.
  • Which Chat-GPT version does SwifDoo AI use?
    SwifDoo AI works with Chat-GPT 4.0 versions. This allows the software to have a better performance in understanding and generating text while maintaining the former advanced features.
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