Guide Help

  • How do I create a blank PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF offers two easy ways to create a blank PDF:

    1. Launch SwifDoo PDF on your PC. Click Create > Blank. 1-how-to-create-a-blank-pdf 2. If you’ve opened a PDF file in SwifDoo PDF, navigate to Home > Create > Blank Page. 2-how-to-create-a-blank-pdf-1

  • How can I create a PDF from existing files?

    You can create a PDF from your existing files, including files in other formats, in SwifDoo PDF. Here are the steps:

    1. Create a PDF from the homepage:

    • Double-click to start SwifDoo PDF, and you will be on the homepage by default. Then go to Create > From File.

    2. Create a PDF from the main screen:

    • When a PDF is opened in SwifDoo PDF, click Home > Create > From File;
    • Tap Add Files to import your files to the workplace, then press Start.

  • Can I create PDFs from the scanner?

    Yes, SwifDoo PDF supports directly creating PDF files from your scanner hardware. Please follow the steps below:

    • Connect the scanner to your computer;
    • Open SwifDoo PDF, and choose Create > From Scanner;
    • Select the scanner to which you’ve connected;

  • Is it possible to batch create PDFs?

    Yes. SwifDoo PDF enables its users to batch-create PDFs in two ways: by creating multiple PDFs in batches or by creating a single PDF from multiple documents.

    1. Create multiple PDFs in batches:

    This feature allows you to batch convert several documents to their corresponding PDFs at once: 6-how-to-batch-create-multiple-pdfs

    • Launch SwifDoo PDF and click Open to randomly add a file;
    • Select Home > Create > From File;
    • Drag and drop all your files to the indicated area and hit Start.

    2.Create one PDF from multiple image files:

    If you want to save several image files as one PDF, the following method can help you:

    • Open SwifDoo PDF. Then click Create > From Image;
    • Press Add Files to import all your image files;
    • Choose Create a New PDF and tap Start.

  • How do I edit text in a PDF?

    With SwifDoo PDF, you can straightforwardly edit existing text in a PDF without file conversion. Except for changing the font style, font size, and color, four edit modes are provided to make PDF editing less of a burden.

    Check out how to edit the text in a PDF:

    • Open SwifDoo PDF. Then drag and drop your PDF file to the homepage to open it;
    • Select Edit > Edit; 1-how-to-edit-text-in-a-pdf
    • All editable text will be displayed in gray boxes. Then you can click a target paragraph to change the font, color, line spacing, alignment, text content, etc.;
    • When editing the existing text content, you have four edit modes to choose from:

    Block: The whole text is presented as a complete block;
    Paragraph: All editable text is separated by paragraphs;
    Line: Each line is treated as a complete block for editing;
    Object: Each letter (or word) is a separate block to be edited. 2-how-to-edit-text-in-a-pdf-1

  • How do I add text to a PDF?

    You can both add text to the existing paragraphs or add a new text box to update your PDF file:

    1. Add text to an existing paragraph:

    • Launch SwifDoo PDF. Click Edit PDF and add your PDF file; 3-how-to-add-text-in-a-pdf
    • Choose Edit and select an interactive box to add new text.

    2. Add a new paragraph:

    • Start SwifDoo PDF and click Open to import your PDF file;
    • Go to Edit and select Insert Text; 4-how-to-add-text-in-a-pdf-1
    • Click on a place you like and start to type on this PDF.

    You can choose the font, font size, and other elements to modify your PDF. The “Insert Text” feature also lets you directly add text to an existing document. Just click on the desired text and start editing. 5-how-to-add-text-in-a-pdf-2

  • How do I add a text box to a PDF?

    Adding a text box to PDF is easy in SwifDoo PDF:

    • Open SwifDoo PDF, and select Edit PDF to upload your file;
    • Press Insert Text and click on a blank space;
    • Then when the text box is added, enter new content within the text field.

  • How do we add hyperlinks to a PDF?

    Let’s see the way to add hyperlinks to a PDF with SwifDoo PDF:

    • Double-click this PDF software to launch it. Then click Open to add your file;
    • Choose Edit > Link > Add or edit link; 7-how-to-add-hyperlinks-to-a-pdf
    • Click and drag your mouse to draw a rectangle in the desired location;
    • When a pop-up window shows, hit OK. 8-how-to-add-hyperlinks-to-a-pdf-1

    Other Options:

    Four options are offered that enable you to flexibly add different hyperlinks:

    • Go to a Page View: Jump to a desired part of the existing file;
    • Go to a Certain Page: Jump to the beginning of a specific page in the current file;
    • Open a Web: Create a link that takes you to a certain webpage;
    • Open a File: Designate a hyperlink to open another file (any printable file) on your device.

  • How can we insert images into a PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF allows you to add images to a PDF, and here is the tutorial:

    • Open SwifDoo PDF. Then click Edit PDF and open your PDF file; 9-how-to-insert-images-in-a-pdf
    • Choose Image and select the target image file; 10-how-to-insert-images-in-a-pdf-1
    • Move your mouse to the place you want and click it.

  • Is there any way to modify the PDF page size?

    Yes, you can effortlessly modify the PDF page size in SwifDoo PDF to adjust the visible page area and possibly decrease the file size. Please follow the steps below:

    • Open your PDF file in this PDF editor;
    • Go to Edit > Crop. The visible page area will be outlined in a green box;
    • Drag the dashed box to adjust the margin size;
    • Click Apply Changes to save the cropped file.
    11-how-to-modify-a-pdf-page-size SwfiDoo PDF can automatically crop the page size, or you can click “Adjustments” to enter the precise parameters. Besides, the “Page Range” option enables you to apply the changes to specific PDF pages at once.

  • How do we black out the PDF text?

    If you have sensitive information and want to hide it, try the “White-out” feature to black out the PDF text:

    • Launch SwifDoo PDF and click Edit PDF to import your file;
    • Tap White-out;
    • Draw a rectangle on the text you want to redact. 12-how-to-black-out-the-pdf-text
    • Change the white-out color or other settings by clicking the drop-down arrow.

  • How do I OCR a scanned PDF?

    A scanned PDF is a collection of scanned images, making it impossible to edit. The built-in OCR technology of SwifDoo PDF lets you convert a scanned PDF to a searchable and editable one. Here’s how to OCR a scanned PDF:

    • Open your scanned PDF in SwifDoo PDF and select Edit;
    • Click OCR > choose document language > OK.
    13-how-to-ocr-a-pdf Additionally, it is possible to choose the page range to which you want to perform OCR.

  • How can we add a background to a PDF?

    This process to add a PDF background can be completed in three clicks:

    • Open SwifDoo PDF and click Open to add your file;
    • Hit Edit > Background > Add Background; 14-how-to-add-a-background-to-a-pdf
    • Adjust the settings and press OK. 15-how-to-add-a-background-to-a-pdf-1
    This PDF editor allows you to choose a PDF background from the built-in color picker or upload images from local folder. By the way, it’s possible to adjust the appearance, position, and page range of the PDF background.

  • How can I extract or create a table of contents in a PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF helps you easily extract or create a table of contents in a PDF using the method below:

    • Open your file in SwfiDoo PDF and go to Edit;
    • Choose Extract TOC.

  • What can the SwifDoo PDF converter do?

    SwifDoo PDF converter can efficiently deal with various conversions between PDF and other file formats. Here are all of the capabilities of the SwifDoo PDF converter:

    • PDF to Word (.dox and .docx), RTF (.rtf), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppts), Image (.png, .jpg, .bmp, and .tif), CAD (.dwg and .dxf), HTML, EPUB, PDF/A, XPS, and Markdown, or vice versa;
    • PDF to Scan and Searchable PDF;
    • Image to JPG, PNG, BMP, and ICO;
    • Word (.dox and .docx), Excel (.xsl and .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt and .ppts), CAD, and HEIC to Image (.png, .jpg, .bmp, and .tif);
    • CAD to DWF;
    • DWG to DXF or vice versa.

  • How can I convert PDFs to Microsoft Office files?

    SwifDoo PDF can convert PDF to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You can flexibly select the page range and conduct the conversion in batches. Here are the steps to convert PDFs to Microsoft Office files:

    1. Directly convert PDF to MS Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

    • Launch this PDF converter and click PDF to Word;
    • Choose the option you want;
    • Hit Add Files to upload your PDF;
    • Tap Start to finish the task.

    2. View and convert PDF to MS Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

    • Open SwifDoo PDF. Then drag and drop your file to open it;
    • Select Convert > PDF to Word / PDF to Excel / PDF to PPT > Start;

  • Can I convert PDFs to image files in SwifDoo PDF? If so, how to do it?

    Yes, you can convert PDFs to image files of different formats in SwifDoo PDF. Please follow the steps below:

    1. View and convert

    • Have your file opened in SwifDoo PDF;
    • Click Convert > PDF to Image;
    • Choose the image file format you want and click Start.

    2. Convert straightforwardly

    • Start this PDF converter and choose PDF to Image;
    • Select Add Files and click Start.
    4-how-to-convert-pdfs-to-images-1 You have two choices when converting a PDF with multiple pages:

    • Each page in a Separate Image: convert PDFs to separate images;
    • Selected pages in an Image file: convert PDF pages to a single image.

  • How can I convert EPUB ebooks to PDFs?

    If you want to convert EPUB ebooks to PDFs, follow the instructions below:

    • After opening your file in SwifDoo PDF, click Convert > EPUB to PDF;
    • Drag and drop your files to the indicated area;
    • Press Start to perform the conversion.

  • Is it possible to save a PDF as a HTML or vice versa?

    Yes! SwifDoo PDF excels at converting PDF to HTML and vice versa. You can save your PDFs as HTML files by following the steps outlined below:

    1. Convert PDF to HTML

    • Open SwifDoo PDF, choose PDF to Word > PDF to HTML;
    • Click Add Files to upload your PDF;
    • Tap Start.

    2. Convert HTML to PDF

    • Launch SwifDoo PDF and hit Open to add your file;
    • Go to Convert > HTML to PDF > Start.

  • How do I make a PDF searchable?

    SwifDoo PDF can convert a non-editable PDF file to a searchable one so that you can search and copy the text directly. Here’s how to make a PDF searchable:

    • Open your PDF in this program;
    • Click Convert > To Searchable PDF;
    • Choose the document language and tap OK.

  • What can I do to convert a PDF to a scanned copy?

    If you want to convert your PDF to a scanned copy, here are the steps:

    • When your file is opened in SwifDoo PDF, navigate to Convert and click To Scan;
    • Set the page range and tap Start.

  • How do I perform PDF to TXT conversion?

    To convert PDF to TXT, you need to open the target PDF file in SwifDoo PDF.

    • Tap Convert in the top navigation bar;
    • Select PDF to TXT, and SwifDoo PDF will automatically turn your PDF file into a TXT file.

  • Can SwifDoo PDF convert my PDFs to CAD drawings?

    Of course. SwifDoo PDF can help convert PDF files to commonly-used CAD drawings including DWG and DXF. Here’s how to do it in SwifDoo PDF:

    • Open a PDF in the program;
    • Click PDF to More in the Convert tab, then choose strogn PDF to CAD;
    • Specify the output format and hit the Start button to change the PDF to a CAD drawing.

  • Is SwifDoo PDF an image converter for Windows?

    Yes. SwifDoo PDF also serves as a handy image converter for Windows operating systems. It can help convert images among all common formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, and HEIC. In addition, it also allows you to convert Office documents (Word, Excel, and PPT slides) to images.

    To convert images in SwifDoo PDF, you only need to click “Image Converter” under the “Convert” section. 12-convert-images-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • Can I compress an image for a smaller file size in SwifDoo PDF?

    Yes. SwifDoo PDF has a dedicated file optimizer that enables you to compress the images to a smaller file size. To access these features, you can locate it in the “Image Converter” window (under the “Convert” tab). 13-compress-an-image-for-a smaller-file-size-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • What if I need to compress Microsoft Office files?

    SwifDoo PDF can also compress Microsoft Office documents, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides. To access these features, you only need to click Convert > Other Features. 14-compress-microsoft-office-files-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • How can I reverse PDF page view in SwifDoo PDF?

    It’s very easy to reverse the page view in SwifDoo PDF. All you need to do is launch SwifDoo PDF and open a PDF file. Then click View > Reverse View. 1-reverse-pdf-page-view-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • I don’t know how to search in a PDF. Could you please tell me how?

    To search a keyword or phrase in a PDF file with SwifDoo PDF, you only need to click View > Search. A small window will appear in which you can type target keywords or phrases. SwifDoo PDF will find them in seconds. 2-search-a-keyword-or-phrase-in-a-pdf-file-with-swifdoo-pdf

  • Can I take a screenshot of a PDF page and compare it with another PDF?

    The answer is yes. SwifDoo PDF not only lets you take screenshots of PDF files, but it also lets you compare PDF files directly within the software.

    For making comparison, tap View > Snapshot to capture a PDF page and compare it with the rest pages.

    To compare different parts of PDF files, click View > Split Screen. Click on this tab to display the same page vertically or horizontally. Additionally, you can split the current page view to four individual Windows as well. 3-take-a-screenshot-of-a-pdf-page-with-swifdoo-pdf

  • Can I present a PDF in slideshow mode?

    Yes, SwifDoo PDF enables you to present a PDF in slideshow mode by simply clicking View > Slideshow. 4-present-a-pdf-in-slideshow-mode-with-swifdoo-pdf

  • What display modes does SwifDoo PDF provide?

    SwifDoo PDF provides you with eight display modes for a great reading experience. To make it clear, check out the image below:

    • Display one page at a time;
    • Display two pages side by side;
    • View pages with scrolling enabled;
    • View pages side by side with continuous scrolling enabled;
    • Slideshow, Split Screen, and Full Screen;
    • Simple Mode.

  • Can I translate a PDF using SwifDoo PDF?

    It’s never a challenge to translate a PDF in SwifDoo PDF since it has a built-in feature: Quick Translation. User can tap on the selected text to translate. To access this feature, click View > Quick Translation. SwifDoo PDF now supports 100+ languages to render PDF document translation easier. 6-translate-a-pdf-using-swifdoo-pdf

  • How can I check the word count of a PDF?

    In SwifDoo PDF, we have a dedicated feature that helps do a PDF word count straightforwardly. You only need to click “Word Count” in the “View” pane, and SwifDoo PDF will display detailed word count information about this PDF file. 7-check-the-word-count-of-a-pdf-using-swifdoo-pdf

  • Can I change the theme color?

    To change the theme color of a PDF file, you only need to click View > Theme in SwifDoo PDF. It offers five preset theme modes, including Default, Dark, Simplicity, Green, and Letter Paper. In addition, you’re also allowed to customize the theme color by clicking “More”. 8-change-the-theme-color-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • I want to convert PDF text to speech. Can SwifDoo PDF do it?

    Yes, SwifDoo PDF can help convert PDF text to speech. SwifDoo PDF can read your PDF file aloud. To transform PDF into speech, simply click View > Read. 9-convert-pdf-text-to-speech-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • How do I password-protect my PDFs?

    Encrypting or protecting PDF documents with passwords helps safeguard sensitive information. You can protect PDFs with two types of passwords in SwifDoo PDF: open password and permission password.

    1. Protect PDFs with an Open Password:

    You can add an open password to your PDF file to prevent unauthorized views. People have to enter the password when opening the PDF. Here is how to protect a PDF with an open password.

    • Open your PDF in SwifDoo PDF;
    • Click the Protect tab on the top and choose the Encryption option; 1-protect-pdfs-with-an-open-password
    • Check the Open Password box, and type your password in the given field; 2-protect-pdfs-with-an-open-password-1
    • Click OK to apply the password to the PDF;

    The saved PDF will overwrite the original file by default. You can uncheck the Replace Existing Files checkbox and choose a new location for saving the password-protected PDF.

    2. Protect PDFs with a Permission Password:

    A permission password is used to restrict editing, printing, or copying your PDF documents. To add a permission password to your PDF, read the below guide.

    • Navigate to Protect > Encryption after opening your PDF file with SwifDoo PDF;
    • Select Owner Password and enter your password into the correct field; 3-protect-pdfs-with-a-permission-password
    • Choose any features you want to restrict under Permissions, then click OK.

  • How can I remove passwords from a PDF file?

    SwifDoo PDF allows you to easily remove the password security from your PDF. You must enter the correct open or permission password to do that.

    1. To remove an open password from a PDF:

    • Open your PDF with SwifDoo PDF, type the open password, and click OK; 4-remove-an-open-password-from-a-pdf
    • Go to Protect to choose the Decryption option; 5-remove-an-open-password-from-a-pdf-1
    • Enter the password in the PDF Decryption dialogue box and tap OK. 6-remove-an-open-password-from-a-pdf-2

    2. To remove a permission password from your PDF:

    • Open the PDF file, and click Permission Removal in the notification bar;
    • Provide the permission password and click OK to get rid of the restriction.

  • Can I batch encrypt PDF documents?

    Yes, you can batch encrypt PDF files with open passwords or permission passwords in SwifDoo PDF. That will save you time adding passwords to lots of files. Take a look at the following guide:

    • Click any conversion option in the start interface of SwifDoo PDF program, and hit More Features in the pop-up window; 8-batch-encrypt-pdf-documents
    • Select Protect in the toolbox panel; 9-batch-encrypt-pdf-documents-1
    • Make sure PDF Encryption is selected, add your PDF files, and click Start; 10-batch-encrypt-pdf-documents-2
    • Set the open password or permission password, then tap OK. 11-batch-encrypt-pdf-documents-3

  • Is it possible for me to keep others from opening my PDF?

    Yes, you can add an open password to your PDF file to prevent others from opening it. Open your PDF file in SwifDoo PDF, choose Protect > Encryption, select Open Password and set a password. Click OK and that’s it. 12-keep-others-from-opening-pdf-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • Can I keep my PDFs from printing or editing?

    Yes, you can protect or lock your PDFs from editing, printing, copying, or annotating by setting a permission password. In SwifDoo PDF, go to Protect > Encryption, check the Owner Password box and type a password, choose the feature to restrict, and click OK. 13-keep-pdfs-from-printing-or-editing-in-swifdoo-pdf

  • How can I electronically sign a PDF in SwifDoo PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF enables you to electronically sign PDFs in a breeze. You can add your handwritten signatures to your PDFs in three ways.

    Here is how to sign a PDF electronically:

    • Drag and drop your PDF into the SwifDoo PDF software to open it;
    • Tap the Protect menu on the top, choose Signature and click Create New Signature; 14-electronically-sign-a-pdf-in-swifdoo-pdf
    • Create your electronic signature:

    Image: Select Image and upload your image signature;
    Input: Select Input, and type your signature;
    Handwriting: Choose Handwriting to draw the signature using your mouse cursor.


    • Click OK and place the signature to your desired position;
    • You can resize, delete, or embed the signature in the PDF, or apply it to all pages.

  • Can I create a new e-signature?

    Yes, you can create your new e-signature in SwifDoo PDF in a blank of an eye. Open your PDF file with the software, go to Protect > Signature > Create New Signature, then create your signature by uploading your saved image, inputting text, or manually drawing. The next time you need to electronically sign a PDF, directly insert the existing signature into the PDF.

  • How do I add a watermark to my PDF?

    It’s simple to add a watermark to a PDF file with SwifDoo PDF. You can use the standard and mostly used watermarks provided or customize your watermark.

    • Open your PDF, and go to Protect > Watermark; 17-add-a-watermark-to-pdf-in-swifdoo-pdf
    • Choose a most-used watermark from the drop-down list and SwifDoo PDF will apply it to PDF pages automatically; Or, click the plus icon to customize your watermark. You can type text or upload an image as the watermark; 18-add-a-watermark-to-pdf-in-swifdoo-pdf-1
    • Change the watermark appearance, location, and other properties, then click OK to add the watermark to the PDF.

  • Can I custom my PDF watermark?

    Yes, when you navigate to the Watermark option under the Protect tab, you can choose the plus icon to customize your watermark. SwifDoo PDF allows you to create text or image watermark depending on your needs.

  • How do I highlight a PDF? What if I need to highlight an area?

    Adding highlights to a PDF file makes the content easy to navigate and can emphasize the important content. You can highlight a PDF with SwifDoo PDF in a couple of clicks.

    1. Highlight text in PDF:

    • Choose Annotate, click the Highlight down arrow and pick your preferred highlight color; 1-highlight-text-in-pdf-with-swifdoo-pdf
    • Select specific text to highlight it.

    2. Highlight area in PDF:

    • Go to Annotate to click the Area Highlight drop-down arrow, and select a highlight color; 2-highlight-area-in-pdf-with-swifdoo-pdf
    • Draw a rectangle around the area you need to highlight and that’s it.

  • How can I stamp a PDF?

    The software offers standard and commonly used stamps and allows you to upload your stamp image. In addition, dynamic stamps are also available.

    1. How to stamp a PDF with a custom stamp:

    • Navigate to Annotate > Stamp after opening your PDF file; 3-stamp-a-pdf-with-a-custom-stamp
    • Tap the + icon in the drop-down list, then click Select Image to upload your stamp picture, and hit OK; 4-stamp-a-pdf-with-a-custom-stamp-1
    • Click where you want to put the stamp, and move it to the proper position.

    2. Add standard or dynamic stamps to PDF:

    Under the Annotate tab, click Stamp, scroll the drop-down list to choose the stamp you want, and click on a PDF page to add it.

  • Can I attach a file to a PDF?

    Yes, SwifDoo PDF’s annotation feature lets you add attachments to a PDF file. By double-clicking on an attachment icon, you can access another file without switching apps. The attachments can be videos, audio, images, PDFs, and other files.

    1. Add an attachment to a PDF:

    • Choose Annotate on the top and click Attachment in the secondary toolbar; 5-add-an-attachment-to-a-pdf
    • Tap a place on a PDF page, select a file from your computer, then the file is attached as a small icon;
    • Double-click on the attachment icon, choose Open the Attachment, and hit OK to access the file. 6-add-an-attachment-to-a-pdf-1
    • When you don’t need the attached file, right-click on it to choose Delete.

    2. Manage Attachments in PDF:

    You can click the attachment icon in the sidebar to open the attachments list. All the attached files are shown there. The attachment panel allows you to add, delete, open, or save the attached files. If needed, you can describe each attachment to identify them. 7-manage-attachments-in-pdf

  • How do I draw on a PDF?

    The drawing tools in SwifDoo PDF allow you to draw shapes, lines, and arrows in your PDF files. You can draw on a PDF to create diagrams or give necessary visual guidance to the PDF viewers. Before drawing, you can set your desired line weight, style, and color for the shapes.

  • How do I add shapes to a PDF?

    Navigate to the Annotate menu to click the Shape drop-down arrow, then select a drawing tool; 8-add-shapes-to-a-pdf

    • Rectangle: click Rectangle from the list of shape options, then drag and draw the shape within your PDF;
    • Oval: select the oval tool and use the click-and-drag action to draw the oval shape;
    • Polygon: pick the polygon option from the drop-down list, click where you want to begin the drawing, move the pointer, and click to create a segment, still move and click to create the next segment. To create a polygon, double-click the end point;
    • Connection Line: to draw connected lines, click Connection Line in the drop-down menu first. Then, tap a position to create the start point, move your mouse cursor and click to create the next segment, then double-click the end point to finish drawinging.

  • How do I draw lines in PDF

    Under the Annotate tab, hit the Line drop-down arrow, select your wanted line weight, color and style, and choose a line type. 9-draw-lines-in-pdf

    • Straight Line: choose this line type, click and drag and release your finger to draw a straight line in any direction;
    • Horizontal Line: to draw a straight line in the horizontal direction, pick the Horizontal Line tool, hold down the left mouse button and click and drag;
    • Vertical Line: use the vertical line tool to draw a line vertically.

  • How can I draw arrows in PDF

    Click the inverted triangle under Arrow, set the line properties, then tap a position and drag to draw an arrow. 10-draw-arrows-in-pdf Right-click a shape, line, or an arrow, and you can change its properties using the pop-up top bar.

  • How can I strikethrough text in a PDF?

    Strikethrough is a common editing tool to indicate the status of the crossed-out text. You can strikethrough text in a PDF file with SwifDoo PDF in no time.

    • Click Annotate, and hit the inverted triangle under the Strikethrough tool; 11-strikethrough-text-in-a-pdf
    • Choose a strikethrough color, and select text to add a strikethrough to it. 12-strikethrough-text-in-a-pdf-1

  • Can I add a sticky note to a PDF?

    Yes, you can add notes to a PDF file and edit them without breaking a sweat in SwifDoo PDF. Here is a look at how to add a sticky note.

    • Go to Annotate > Note to pick your favorite color; 13-add-sticky-note-to-a-pdf
    • Click any place within the PDF, and add your note in the pop-up comment box. 14-add-sticky-note-to-a-pdf-1

  • Is it possible to remove or erase all the marks from the PDF?

    Yes, SwifDoo PDF allows you to delete all the annotations or comments from a PDF in one click, including highlights, notes, and shapes.

    • Click the Annotation tab in the sidebar or Annotate > Manage Annotations on the top to display the annotations list; 15-remove-all-annotations-from-the-pdf
    • Tap the Delete all annotations icon and hit OK in the window that appears to remove all the markups. 16-remove-all-annotations-from-the-pdf-1

  • Can I manage all the annotations easily?

    Yes, you can easily manage all the annotations or comments contained in a PDF in one place.

    • Manage Annotations. 17-manage-all-annotations-in-swifdoo-pdf
    • Right-click on an annotation from the list, you can edit, delete, or reply it, or set the review status (such as Rejected). 18-manage-all-annotations-in-swifdoo-pdf-1

  • How can I merge multiple PDF documents into one?

    SwifDoo PDF merger allows you to combine PDF files into a single file swiftly. So, you can organize them together for convenient sharing and distribution.

    1. Three ways to access the PDF merger:

    • From the start interface: once you’ve launched SwifDoo PDF, click Merge PDF. 1-merge-multiple-pdf-documents-into-one
    • Open the PDF merger from the Home tab: open a PDF file in the application, navigate to Home > Merge. 2-merge-multiple-pdf-documents-into-one-1
    • Open the PDF merging dialogue box from Page: open a PDF in SwifDoo PDF, go to Page > Merge. 3-merge-multiple-pdf-documents-into-one-2

    2. How to merge PDFs:

    • Add your PDF files to the PDF merger; 4-merge-multiple-pdf-documents-into-one-3
    • Name the merged PDF, choose a saving path, and click Start;
    • After the combination, you can open the file and organize the PDF pages as needed.

  • Can I split a large PDF document into smaller ones?

    You can split a PDF into smaller files in three modes with SwifDoo PDF, which are “Split Evenly”, “Split Every X Pages”, and “Custom Splitting”. This PDF page splitting feature supports batch processing multiple PDFs.

    • Open your PDF, click Page on the top and choose Split; 5-split-a-large-pdf-document-into-smaller-ones
    • Select a splitting mode and fill out the given field; 6-split-a-large-pdf-document-into-smaller-ones-1
    • Choose where to save the resulting files, and press the Start button.

    Similar to PDF merger, you can open the PDF splitter in three ways, from the start interface, Home tab and the Page menu.

  • I need to extract certain pages from a PDF. What should I do?

    When you need only a few pages of a PDF, you can extract them out. SwifDoo PDF allows you to extract each page of a PDF as an individual PDF or extract selected pages to create a PDF. Check the following guides.

    • Open your PDF file in SwifDoo PDF, and choose Page > Extract; 7-extract-certain-pages-from-a-pdf
    • Select the extraction mode Extract selected pages as one PDF, and specify which pages to extract, such as “1, 3-5, 8”; 8-extract-certain-pages-from-a-pdf-1
    • Choose an output location and click Start to extract the selected pages from the PDF.

    Extract each page as a PDF: choose the Extract each page as a PDF mode, select a location and tap Start;
    Extract Odd Page: select Odd Page from the Page Range menu, then specify an output path and start the extraction;
    Extract Even Page: after opening the page extracting dialogue box, click the Page Range menu to select Even Page, and hit Start.

  • Is it possible to replace PDF pages?

    You can replace certain pages in your PDF with another PDF file:

    • Tap the Page menu to open the page organizing window, and click Replace; 9-replace-pdf-pages-in-swifdoo-pdf
    • Specify the pages you don’t need in the Original Page field;
    • Select another PDF, and specify the pages you want in the Custom Range field;
    • Click OK. Check the page thumbnail view for the resulting file.

  • How do I quickly add new pages to a PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF lets you add existing pages from a PDF or blank pages to the opened PDF file. To open the page inserting dialogue box, right-click on a PDF page to choose Insert Page or navigate to Page > Insert.

    • Blank page: By choosing the Blank Page option, you can add a blank page before or after the page you select, depending on your preference;
    • From File: By picking the From File option and selecting a PDF file, you can insert only your needed pages or the entire PDF into the current PDF.

  • What can I do to delete PDF pages?

    Deleting useless or unwanted pages from a PDF is a piece of cake in SwifDoo PDF. Here is how to do it.

    1. Delete PDF Pages Using the Delete Option:

    • Select the Delete option under the Page menu;
    • Enter the page numbers or page ranges for the pages you want to remove, and click OK.

    2. Delete PDF Pages by Right-clicking:

    Under the Page tab, select one page or multiple pages, right-click on them and choose Delete Page.

    3. Delete PDF Pages Using the Trash Icon:

    Click the top Page menu, hover over on a page, and tap the trash icon in the small sidebar that appears.

  • I don’t know how to add page numbers and headers to my PDF?

    Adding headers and footers or page numbers to a PDF document can be easily done in SwifDoo PDF. It’s also simple to delete or update them when needed.

    1. Add headers and footers:

    • Click Page, and choose Header and Footer in the drop-down menu;
    • Select the Add Headers & Footers option, and set the headers and footers’ position, format, and other properties;
    • Click OK.

    2. Add page numbers:

    • Under the Page menu, choose Page Number > Add Page Numbers;
    • Change the settings to determine how you want the page numbers to appear, and click OK to apply the settings.

  • How do I rotate PDF pages?

    When your PDF pages are upside down, use SwifDoo PDF to rotate them to the correct orientation quickly. You can rotate pages left or right or flip them 180 degrees.

    1. Rotate PDF Pages by the Rotation Option:

    • Go to Page, select one page or several pages in the thumbnail view, and click the rotation option.

    2. Rotate PDF Pages by the Rotation Icon:

    Under the Page view, select a page and click the rotation icon in the pop-up small sidebar.

    3. Rotate PDF Pages from the Context Menu:

    When you open a PDF in SwifDoo PDF, locate the page you want to rotate, right-click on it and choose Clockwise Rotation or Counterclockwise Rotation option. You can also click the thumbnail icon in the sidebar of the software, then right-click on a thumbnail to choose the rotation option.

  • How do I translate a PDF document?

    Serving as one of the best PDF translators, SwifDoo PDF helps translate PDF documents with high accuracy. Here’s how you can translate PDF files in SwifDoo PDF with minimum effort:

    Run SwifDoo PDF and open the PDF file you want to translate.

    Click View > Document Translation.

    Select your target language in the pop-up window and adjust related settings.

    Tap the Translate button to process.

  • How to translate scanned PDFs?

    With a powerful OCR feature, SwifDoo PDF enables you to make scanned PDFs recognizable and editable, and then helps you translate scanned PDF files without breaking a sweat. Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

    Launch SwifDoo PDF on your PC and open the scanned PDF within this program.

    Apply OCR to make this PDF editable.

    Click View > Document Translation and select input/output language, respectively.

    Tap the Translate button to translate this scanned PDF in seconds.

  • How do I translate selected text in a PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF has a Quick Translation feature that allows you to translate selected text in a PDF file. Whether you want to translate a word, sentence, or paragraph in a PDF file, you can complete this task hassle-free. Follow the steps below:

    Open the PDF file you need to translate in SwifDoo PDF.

    Click View > Quick Translation in the top navigation bar.

    Select the specific text you need to translate and select the target language.

    SwifDoo PDF will translate the selected content automatically.

  • Is there a way to summarize a PDF?

    Yes, SwifDoo AI can summarize PDF files for you quickly.

    Open your PDF with SwifDoo PDF, tap SwifDoo AI from the ribbon, click Promot > Summarize in the sidebar, then copy and paste the text you want to summarize in the chat box.

    Alternatively, select the content you want to summarize, click the AI icon in the pop-up window, and hit Summarize.


  • How can I translate a PDF?

    SwifDoo AI lets you translate PDF files into 25+ languages. Just choose Translate from the Prompt menu in the SwifDoo AI sidebar, copy and paste the content you want to translate, select the output language, and click the send button.


    You can also select the specific content you want to translate and then select the Translate option.

  • How do I rewrite the text in a PDF?

    If you want to rewrite certain content of a PDF, copy it, then type “rewrite this: [paste the copied content]” in the chat box and hit Enter. Then, SwifDoo AI will provide a rewritten version of the text.

  • How does the explain PDF feature work?

    If you find it challenging to understand some texts in a PDF, you can resort to the Explain PDF feature to get an explanation about those points. Follow the steps to explain PDF:

    Copy the content you want to explain.

    Under the Chat with AI tab in the SwifDoo AI sidebar, choose the Explain prompt above the chat box.

    Paste the content in the chat box and hit Enter.

  • Can AI proofread a PDF?

    Yes, SwifDoo AI can help you with that. To proofread the content of a PDF file, utilize the Proofread command in the AI Sidebar and input the desired text. Click the send icon, and SwifDoo AI will deliver a proofread version of the text.

    For quick proofreading, highlight the text, and choose Proofread by clicking the AI button in the floating toolbar.

  • Is there an AI that can analyse a PDF?

    Yes, SwifDoo AI offers an Analyse PDF feature that automates document analysis, including identifying key points and themes, extracting specific information, uncovering potential issues, and more.

    To analyse PDF, click SwifDoo AI on the Home tab, then go to the Analyse PDF tab and hit Analyse.


  • What is SwifDoo PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF is an all-in-one free PDF program with a set of features. It allows you to convert, annotate, edit, compress, merge, and split PDF documents at one swoop. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features, SwifDoo PDF can promote efficiency and productivity when you work with PDF documents.
  • Is SwifDoo PDF free?

    Yes, SwifDoo PDF is a free program on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Every new user can get a 7-day free trial even without registration. If a longer free trial is all you want, just register a new account to enjoy a 7-day free trial. When the free trial expires, users can still access basic PDF services. For more information about plan comparison, please visit here for details.
  • What language does SwifDoo PDF support?

    SwifDoo PDF now provides 9 display languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Chinese (Traditional). If you need to change the languages in SwifDoo PDF, here’s how to do it:

    1.Launch the program and go to Settings > General > Language Settings;
    2.Click on the Display Language to choose from the drop-down menu. how-to-change-display-language-of-swifdoo-pdf
  • What system does SwifDoo PDF support?

    SwifDoo PDF now only supports Windows systems. Make sure your computer is running any one of the Windows systems listed below:

    Windows® 11
    Windows® 10
    Windows® 8.1
    Windows® 7
    Windows XP®
  • Is SwifDoo PDF 32-bit or 64-bit compliant?

    SwifDoo PDF is both 32-bit and 64-bit compliant, which are combined in one installation package. SwifDoo PDF doesn’t have a 32-bit or 64-bit version respectively. The number of bits will be automatically selected depending on the system your computer uses when installing.
  • What are the system requirements of SwifDoo PDF?

    System & Hardware Requirements
    OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32 & 64)
    Processor: 1 Ghz processor or above
    Hard Drive Space: 150 MB or above
    RAM: 1 GB RAM or above
  • Can I use SwifDoo PDF online?

    SwifDoo PDF rolled out an online converter to facilitate file conversions. User can perform two conversions per day. Besides, when you share that page to social media for the first time, you will get another one free task. SwifDoo PDF Online Converter now can convert PDF to MS formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), images, CAD, and HTML.
  • How can I learn to use the new features in SwifDoo PDF?

    SwifDoo PDF’s blog is home to informative articles about how to access new features of the software. If you have any concerns about any new features, you can check them on this sector.
  • How do I download and install SwifDoo PDF?


    You can free download the latest version of SwifDoo PDF here on our homepage, navigation page or anywhere with the download button. Or, you can download SwifDoo PDF from Microsoft AppSource. We are the partner of Microsoft AppSource, Microsoft’s App Store. This is an online store providing business applications and services by industry-leading software providers.


    Follow the steps to install SwifDoo PDF.

    1. Click on the installer at the bottom of the window after successfully downloading the package;

    2. A standard notification window will pop up when installing. Select Custom Install and Browse to locate the program files. Tick I have read and agreed to the Service Agreement;

    3. Press Install Now to start installing. You can track the installation progress in the pop-up window;

    4. After the installation, click Start Now to launch SwifDoo PDF.

  • Why do I fail to download the software from your website?

    Occasionally, you fail to download the program due to the Internet connection or manual intervention.
    Step 1: Make sure your PC is connected to the network and try again;
    Step 2: Switch the network or browser to see if it works
    Step 3: Continuing downloading the installation package.
  • How do I reinstall the software?

    In some cases, users may want to reinstall the software due to the update error or other reasons, here comes the instruction:
    Step 1: Remove the program from your PC by clicking Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall Program;
    Step 2: Download the latest version from the official website or Microsoft AppSource
    Step 3: Run the installer to reinstall the program.
  • Why do I fail to complete the installation process?

    It is mostly because of the poor network. We strongly suggest that you should quit the installation process and re-launch the installer to try installing the software.
  • How do I contact the SwifDoo PDF support team?

    SwifDoo PDF pays high attention to user feedback. To contact the SwifDoo PDF support team, we have two options for you.

    Write feedback to us:

    Step 1: Visit SwifDoo PDF official website and click Support;
    Step 2: In the SwifDoo Support Center, choose Feedback;
    Step 3: Scroll down your page and you will see a feedback form. Fill out this form and press Submit.
    You will see the note that Your ticket was successfully submitted.

    Contact us via email:

    You can also directly contact us with your email.

    Step 1: Go to Contact Us at the bottom of the official website;
    Step 2: Send us an email to contact us.
    Our support staff will follow up with you as soon as possible.

  • Why did I not receive your email?

    In the case that you cannot receive anything from us, please check whether you’ve blocked us or our emails are put in the spam or junk folder.
  • Why do I get no reply from you?

    We are deeply sorry for this, but this may be caused by backlog. When you reach out to us on weekdays, we will write back to you within 48 working hours.
  • What kind of support do you offer?

    SwifDoo PDF only supports email support now. Live chat or phone call is not supported. If you need to contact the support team, please submit a ticket or write to us via
  • How do I create a SwifDoo PDF account?

    Creating a SwifDoo PDF account is an easy job. We provide two options:

    1. If you have already downloaded the program, launch the software and click on the Sign Up button to register a new account.
    2. The second option is to create an account from the official website. Navigate to and click Sign In > Create Account. Enter the information as required.
  • What if I don't receive the verification code while signing up?

    When you are creating a new account, we will send you a verification code to confirm your email is valid. If you don’t receive the code, please check your spam or junk folder. Due to the network delay, the code may be sent a few minutes later. Please contact us if you have difficulty in registration.
  • How can I retrieve or reset my password?

    For users who may forget the password, it’s easy to reset or change the password. Users can have their passwords changed via the official website.
    Step 1: Click the URL and enter the email on the input box;
    Step 2: When you receive an email with a verification code, just input the 6-digit number within the field;
    Step 3: Then type your new password to finalize the process.
  • Can I change my email?

    No, SwifDoo PDF doesn’t support changing your email now. Therefore, please remember your email as this is an important person information.
  • How can I delete my account?

    If you find the program less useful and want to delete your account as well as your personal information, please contact the support for help.
  • Are software updates free?

    Yes, we provide a free update service. Users can click the Check for Updates in the main menu. When there are any updates, feel free to get the latest version. The whole process is totally free and we won’t ask for extra fees on software updates.
  • What if I failed to update the program?

    The poor network may result in the update failure. When you have this issue, please go to the official website to download the installation package. We will provide the installer of the latest version on the website. Users just need to reinstall the software. If needed, please contact us for help.