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What Is ChatGPT

By | Follow twitter | Updated on December 13, 2023
Technology never ceases to amaze us as it continues to evolve. With the growing number of applications, did you ever think that even search engines could be updated? If you are surprised and have put on your thinking cap to answer "how", ChatGPT is here to end your thoughts.

Well, ChatGPT is a new trend and a revolutionary technology that is trained to understand and answer human questions conversationally. But there's more to this AI model that explains why it's going to be your next big obsession.

So stay tuned to discover what ChatGPT is, the different tasks and cases where you can use it, its complete usage process, and get the complete beginner's guide to understanding the platform without much effort. Let's get started!

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a free, open-source large language model (LLM) chatbot based on GPT-3.5. Created by San Francisco-based AI company OpenAI, the model has an amazing ability to mimic humans, deliver output, and generate responses in a conversational dialogue format.

What is ChatGPT

The model is trained on massive amounts of data to accurately predict words and generate logical responses. In addition, it has an extra layer of reinforcement learning training called "Human Feedback" (RLHF). This helps the model learn the art of following instructions and providing answers that are convincing to humans.

As a web application, the model requires no formal download or installation.

Cases for How to Use ChatGPT

You can use ChatGPT for multiple different tasks. From working as a source of information to a model that accomplishes tasks, ChatGPT does everything.

  • Translations
  • Learning coding
  • Writing stories and essays
  • Generating outlines for articles or entire novels
  • Speech and text analysis
  • Debugging code
  • Explanation of complex issues and problems

Though an official API for ChatGPT has yet to be available, numerous community-created libraries exist.

Is ChatGPT Free to Use?

ChatGPT is currently free to use for all users as it is in the research preview. Users can try out the model and provide valuable feedback on the responses generated by the chatbot.

The ChatGPT feedback guides the developers to update the model, understand new risks, and eliminate possible mitigations and limitations to help the AI better understand and respond to queries and learn from its mistakes.







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